A Deep Dive into Data Sharing

What is Data Sharing?  Let’s begin with data, data can derive from software that is used by enterprises within their business. For example, how many people are viewing a website or what kind of people are most interested in a certain brand. On a lower level, data sharing is simply when data resources are shared […]

Exploring Snowflake’s Search Optimization Service

Snowflake initially made a name for itself as the easiest data warehouse to use back in 2014. Since then it has transformed itself and its core technology into a full Snowflake Data Cloud.  While the Snowflake Data Cloud Account at first comes with many amazing features by default, there are many areas where you can […]

Too Busy for the Snowflake Summit? We Feel You.

This Snowflake Summit was a roller coaster of emotions, but more often than not, we were thrilled with all the new announcements. With over 61+ sessions, we got to see some of Snowflake’s amazing new features, tons of use cases, and first hand looks on how to use their new tools with step-by-step labs. Most […]

Snowflake Data Masking

Snowflake Data Masking

Last week, the United States CDC issued new COVID-19 mask policies.  I will leave that for many others to discuss, but for the COOL Data People reading this we will focus on how easy it is to implement Snowflake Data Cloud “Data Masking”.   Ready? – Let’s “Data Mask” it UP!     What is […]

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Snowflake Data Marketplace Introduction

Introduction Long gone are the days where consumers have to copy data, use APIs, or wait days, weeks and sometimes even months to gain access to datasets. With Snowflake Data Marketplace, analysts around the world are getting the information they need to make important decisions for their businesses in a blink of an eye and […]

Creating You First Database

To complete this tutorial, you’ll need to have a snowflake account and the URL to login to the web user interface. Start by navigating to your URL and login. Creating Databases with the User Interface Login to your Snowflake environment and select the Databases tab in the top left of your screen. It should look […]

Semi Structured JSON Data

One of Snowflake’s unique features is its native support for semi-structured data. Snowflake supports semi-structured data in the form of JSON, Avro, ORC, Parquet, and XML. JSON is the most widely used and industry standard due to its data format and ease of use. JSON data can be loaded directly into the table columns with […]

Snowflake Stored Procedures

Stored procedures can be thought of as a function. They enable users to create modular code and that include complex business logic by combining multiple SQL statements with procedural logic. They can be used for data migration and validation while handling exceptions. Benefits of Stored Procedures include: Procedural logic such as branching and looping which […]

Getting Started with Snowflake

Overview Snowflake is a modern data platform. Unlike many others, Snowflake didn’t start as an on-premise data solution and then migrate to a web-based server. It was built in the cloud for the cloud. This means Snowflake can quickly handle large analytic workloads (columnar architecture and vectorized execution). Snowflake separates its computation engine from storage. […]

SnowSQL CLI Client

Introduction SnowSQL is the command line client for Snowflake. It allows you to execute SQL queries and perform all DDL and DML operations. It’s an easy way to access snowflake right from your command line and has all the same capabilities as the Snowflake UI. Step 1 – Download and install SnowSQL CLI Login into […]

Snowflake and Python

Introduction Python has become one of the goto languages for data analytics. I’m constantly using jupyter notebooks to quickly clean, analyze, and visualize data. That’s why I was ecstatic to learn that my favorite data warehouse, Snowflake, has a simple python connector. In fact, it took me just 10 minutes to set up my environment […]

Secure Data Sharing with Snowflake

Introduction Big Data. Internet of Things. Social Media. Everyday millions of data points are generated and moved across the internet, from the viral video you send to your friend on TikTok to critical business data to make decisions. The acceleration of data use and utility is only getting faster. That’s why security and protecting your […]


THE SNOWFLAKE SUMMIT RECAP – 2019 The first snowflake summit finally happened on June 3rd to 6th and lived up to the expectation of many people who were interested in the summit. The four days summit had more than two thousand attendees, one hundred and twenty presentations across seven tracks, seven keynote presentations, more than […]

Integrating Databricks with Snowflake

Integrating Databricks with Snowflake Overview: Here is a practical guide to getting started with integrating Databricks with Snowflake.  We will get you started with the basic setup and show how easy it is to get the two of them connected to each other to write and read data from the other. Pre-Requisites:  You must have […]