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Snowflake Data Clean Rooms.  In this article I will explain what a Snowflake Data Clean Room really is on the Snowflake Data Cloud.  Once you have a good grasp of what it is then we will cover Data Clean Room example use cases.  We helped Snowflake pioneer this new offering a couple years ago with our client VideoAmp which we brought over to the Snowflake Data Cloud.  Our original article back in July 2020 – Shows how to analyze PII and PHI Data using the earlier Data Clean Room concepts.  Fast forward 2 years and now Snowflake has dramatically improved the initial version and scope that we put together.

What is a Data Clean Room?

Data clean rooms on Snowflake from a technical view are currently a set of data related technologies (Data Shares, Row Access Policies, Secure User Defined Functions) that work best on Snowflake to enable double blind joins of data.  This allows Snowflake to power Data Clean Rooms because it has the underlying Data Sharing technology which is based partially on Micro-Partitions. that provide features like Data Sharing and Data Cloning.  From a business standpoint, once the complexity of operating a data clean room gets easier this can provide just HUGE value to businesses by sharing data without sharing the PII part of the data.

Some of the original concepts of data clean rooms (DCRs) were around data exchanges/areas that the huge internet behemoths like Facebook and Google could share aggregated data.  The concept was to share aggregated (non-PII discernible) data with their advertisers.  So if you were an advertiser you could put in your first-party data and then see if it matches on some non-PII aggregated data. ). My view though expands the concepts of Data Clean Rooms way beyond just Media/Advertising.  There are many other areas that can achieve huge value in being able to perform “controlled” and “governed” double blind joins of data sets.

Other ways to describe a data clean room for better or worse is it is really a concept where companies and their partners can share data at an aggregated double blind join level.  (On Snowflake, its already extremely easy to share data through secure views and tables with their ground-breaking Data Share technology.  One of all-time favorite features.).  You can share double blind join previously agreed identifiers.

What are Snowflake Data Clean Room Use Cases?


  • Solving our “end of cookies” problem at some level.  Data Clean Rooms on Snowflake allow Advertisers to take their first-party data and combine it with  their publisher(s)’ viewership/exposure data for measurement of their marketing dollar.
  • Co-branding/co-marketing Promotions.  You can do customer segment overlap analysis to see where your partners customer bases have similar customer segments. and audiences.
  • Similarly, you can work with partners to do joint loyalty offerings and/or upsells where customer “interests” overlap.

Healthcare and Life Sciences:

  • There are some extremely valuable use cases where we can securely share patient data and patient outcomes across government, healthcare, and life scienes to hopefully make some huge leaps forward in healthcare and life..

Those are just a few.  There are many others.

Are you interested in how you can use a Snowflake Data Clean Room for your business?  Contact Us Today.

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Have fun!

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