What is the Snowflake Data Cloud?


What is the Snowflake Data Cloud is sort of a loaded question for long-time Snowflake Professionals like a large chunk of our Snowflake Solutions Community.  From a Snowflake Veteran [...]

What is the Snowflake Data Cloud?2021-08-17T15:46:54-07:00

What is Snoptimizer?


Hmmm.  What is Snoptimizer™? Snoptimizer™ is the first automated Cost, Performance, and Security Optimizer for Snowflake Accounts.  It is by far the easiest and fastest way to optimize your [...]

What is Snoptimizer?2022-01-14T21:38:14-08:00

Snowflake Compute T-Shirt Sizes


Snowflake T-Shirt Sizes Fun.   When I first started using Snowflake back at the beginning of 2018 I thought the T-Shirt Sizing was kind of weird.  It was just so different [...]

Snowflake Compute T-Shirt Sizes2021-08-12T23:36:32-07:00

Snowflake Data Cloud Cost Risks


Let me first state, I love using Snowflake, the technology itself.  I fell in love with it at the beginning of 2018 when I realized how easily I could [...]

Snowflake Data Cloud Cost Risks2021-12-06T13:18:02-08:00

Snowflake Cost Guardrails – Resource Monitors


The Snowflake Data Cloud brings incredible scale and power to any analytical data processing.  It is an amazing revolution to now be able to launch their T-shirt warehouse sizes from [...]

Snowflake Cost Guardrails – Resource Monitors2021-08-13T17:46:39-07:00

Snowflake Cost Optimization Best Practices


I have been working with Snowflake since the beginning of 2018 and it has been one of the most fun and scaleable data solutions I have worked with in my [...]

Snowflake Cost Optimization Best Practices2021-08-24T19:29:15-07:00

How Snowflake Pricing Works


Usage Based Pricing in the cloud in some ways is incredibly awesome.  For those of us who lived through the days of scaling Data Centers and waiting for hardware [...]

How Snowflake Pricing Works2021-08-09T15:19:55-07:00

Snowflake Data Marketplace Introduction


Introduction Long gone are the days where consumers have to copy data, use APIs, or wait days, weeks and sometimes even months to gain access to datasets. With Snowflake [...]

Snowflake Data Marketplace Introduction2021-08-03T12:19:20-07:00
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