Shortest Snowflake Summit 2022 Recap

Shortest Snowflake Summit 2022 Recap from a Snowflake Data Superhero If you missed the Snowflake SUMMIT or any part of Snowflake Summit Opening Keynote. Here are the most key feature announcements and recap[in “brief” but “useful” detail] KEY FEATURE ANNOUNCEMENTS — EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. [mostly in a chronological order of when they were announced. My top ~20. The […]

To Snowsight or Not to Snowsight

Snowsight Preview App

To Snowsight or Not To Snowsight: Back in June 2021, I was writing a chapter for our new Snowflake Essentials Book on the Snowflake Web User Interface.  I had been delaying writing that chapter, assuming that Snowsight would be released as the main Snowflake Web User Interface as part of Snow Summit 2021.  That didn’t […]

Snowflake’s Financial Services Data Summit Recap

Snowflake Financial Services Data Summit

Snowflake hosted an excellent virtual event this week focused on Snowflake’s Data Cloud solutions for Financial Services.  What we really enjoyed about this Industry Vertical Snowflake “Summit” was the combination of business and technology content.  When we launched our ITS solutions business long ago, our mission was Business/Technology Focused Solutions.  We believed heavily in bringing […]

What is the Snowflake Data Cloud?

What is the Snowflake Data Cloud is sort of a loaded question for long-time Snowflake Professionals like a large chunk of our Snowflake Solutions Community.  From a Snowflake Veteran user standpoint, [let’s assume that is anyone deeply working on Snowflake since the Fall 2019 or before] this is really a massive re-branding.   Many of us […]

What is Snoptimizer?

Hmmm.  What is Snoptimizer™? Snoptimizer™ is the first automated Cost, Performance, and Security Optimizer for Snowflake Accounts.  It is by far the easiest and fastest way to optimize your Snowflake Account quickly.  This unique service can optimize your Snowflake Account within minutes.  It is a no-brainer to test out.  Signup here for a fast and […]

Snowflake Data Cloud Cost Risks

Let me first state, I love using Snowflake, the technology itself.  I fell in love with it at the beginning of 2018 when I realized how easily I could execute all of our Big Data Consulting Practice Solutions we had been doing for 18+ years so much easier than we had before. In the past […]

Snowflake Cost Guardrails – Resource Monitors

The Snowflake Data Cloud brings incredible scale and power to any analytical data processing.  It is an amazing revolution to now be able to launch their T-shirt warehouse sizes from XS (1 virtual instance) to 6XL of raw 512 EC2 instances if you are running on AWS on 1 cluster.  While this is awesome compute […]

Snowflake Cost Optimization Best Practices

I have been working with Snowflake since the beginning of 2018 and it has been one of the most fun and scaleable data solutions I have worked with in my 27++ year data engineer, data architect, entrepreneur, and data thought leader career. With great power (almost unlimited scale – only limited by Snowflakes’ allocation of […]

Snowflake Create Warehouse Defaults

Snowflake Classic Console - Create Warehouse Default Settings

I have been working with the Snowflake Data Cloud since it was just an Analytical RDBMS.  Since the beginning of 2018, the Snowflake technology has been pretty fun to work with as a data professional and data entrepreneur.  It allows data professionals amazing flexible data processing power in the cloud.  The key to a successful […]

Snowflake Data Masking

Snowflake Data Masking

Last week, the United States CDC issued new COVID-19 mask policies.  I will leave that for many others to discuss, but for the COOL Data People reading this we will focus on how easy it is to implement Snowflake Data Cloud “Data Masking”.   Ready? – Let’s “Data Mask” it UP!     What is […]

How Snowflake Pricing Works

Usage Based Pricing in the cloud in some ways is incredibly awesome.  For those of us who lived through the days of scaling Data Centers and waiting for hardware it still is pretty mind blowing.  When I first came across Snowflake at the beginning of 2018 I was amazed at how reasonable the cost was […]

Snowflake Cost Anti-patterns

Snowflake is still my favorite Analytical Database since the beginning of 2018 but as I often present in my live training sessions and webinars, WITH GREAT POWER (practically unlimited compute scale) comes GREAT RESPONSIBILITY.  In this article I’ll cover the TOP 3 Snowflake Cost Anti-patterns my Snowflake Cost Optimization team and I have come across […]

Analyzing PHI & PII with Snowflake’s Data Clean Rooms

Introduction Sharing data can be tough. Organizations struggle to effectively manage their data internally. This problem only increases in magnitude for data sharing across multiple organizations. To make matters worse, regulations on sensitive data (PII and PHI) further complicate the process and this type of analysis is decided to be too troublesome to engage upon. […]

The Power of Instantaneous Data Sharing

The Power of Instantaneous Data Sharing – Updated How awesome would it be to be able to share data more quickly instead of exporting it to some format like Excel and then emailing it out? I’m always looking for new ways to make sharing data faster and more easy. When I think back the past […]