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Global Machine Readable Filings
Corporate Decision-Makers Information
Acxiom INFOBASE® - Individual Level Database
Secretary of State Registrations, Corporate Businesses With History
US Delinquent Mortgage Insights
ISS ESG Carbon & Climate Impact Data
Executives That Own or Head Multiple Organizations/Companies
US Property Data Snapshot
Online Retailer Product Ratings and Reviews
FDA Orange Book
Yodlee TickerStream
Liquor Business Licenses
New Canadian Registered Businesses
Accommodation and Food Services Data Atlas
Acxiom B2B INFOBASE® - Company Database
Hidden & Cancelled Trade Metrics by Security
Daily Visit Count
Migration Data Atlas
Un-Licensed New Businesses
SEC Reporting Analytics-Demo
Sports and Recreation Data Atlas
Acxiom High Value Audiences (HVA)
New Businesses - Mexico
US Equities Stock Quotes
US Real Estate Historical Intelligence
Acxiom EMEA: Geo-Spatial Data
Acxiom Segmentation: Personicx
Monthly NGL Prices
FactSet Tick History DataFeed
Movement - Global Daily Activity Index (Commercial)
Total Property Profiles + Placekeys
Foursquare Global Places
Acxiom Custom High Value Audiences (HVA)
MedMine Medical Device Transactions
Neustar Customer Identity File (CIF)
Web & App Experience Data Stream
Acxiom Data Enhancement
Connecting the World’s Health Data
New Canadian Businesses
SEC Reporting Analytics
CPG Retail and Distributor Data for BI
Net Worth for Top 1%, 5% and 10% by State
Acxiom Activation 1st Party Data
Acxiom Real Identity™
Diversity or Minority-Owned Business Information
Uniform Commercial Code
Natural Gas Data Atlas
US New Neighbor Intel
Mining Data Atlas
Registered Investment Adviser Firm Reports
New Business Registration Licenses
Acxiom Customer Data Integration (CDI)
Affluent Household Net Worth Estimates and Data
Labor Data Atlas
Zip Codes Ranked by Wealth
Acxiom Analytics File
First American Data & Analytics Data Enrichment
Acxiom Activation Lookalikes on CRM Data
US Residential Real Estate Property Trends
Collect Your Users' Online Activity in Web & Mobile
Botnet & Sinkhole Indicators (IoC's)
CSRHub ESG Business Intelligence
Vehicle Miles Traveled - Mobility Data (demo)
Government Finance Data Atlas
National Accounts Data Atlas
Arts, Media, and Entertainment Data Atlas
Infrastructure Data Atlas
Aerospace Data Atlas
Corporate Yield Curves
Panjiva Macro: UN Comtrade
Panjiva Supply Chain Intelligence
Trucost Carbon Earnings at Risk
China Sentiment Analytics
FactSet Benchmark DataFeed
Geography Dimension
Quora Technology Questions & Answers
Quora Entertainment Questions & Answers
Quora Investing Questions & Answers
Quora Automotive Questions & Answers
EOD, Enriched US Corporate Bond Post-Trade Data
EOD US Corporate Bond Pre-Trade Data
At-risk dams in the United States - demo
At-risk dams in the United States
Resonant® – New Business & Underwriting Data
Illustrations & Needs Analysis Data
iGO® - Electronic Insurance Application Data
SNL Depository Rates
SNL Media and Telecommunications
SNL Metals & Mining
SNL Energy
Credit Analytics
Your Marketing Single Source of Truth
OpenStreetMap New York
Acxiom Personicx® Consumer Segmentation
Acxiom Predictive Audiences
Acxiom InfoBase® Audiences
IQVIA Data-as-a-Service
Household Purchase Information
Consumer Hardship
Demyst Lead Optimizer
AccountLink - IP2C and User Graphs
B2B Intent Data by Office Location
SafeGraph Foot Traffic Patterns - US
SafeGraph Core Places - US
DAT Trendlines+ Market Conditions Index Data
DAT Trendlines+ Rate Data
DAT Trendlines+ National Load-to-Truck Ratio
DAT Ratecast Forecast Data
DAT Market Conditions Index Data
DAT Load-to-Truck Ratio Data
DAT RateView Linehaul Rate Data
World Rankings Data Atlas
Water Data Atlas
Vehicle Miles Traveled - Mobility Data
Transportation Data Atlas
Trade Data Atlas
Tourism Data Atlas
Total Property Profiles + SafeGraph's Placekeys
Total Property Profiles
Total Mobile Ad IDs
Total Demographic Profiles
Total Consumer Insights
Total Automotive Profiles
Telecommunication Data Atlas
S3 Short Interest and Securities Finance Data - DEMO
S3 Short Interest and Securities Finance Data
Renewables Data Atlas
Real Estate Data Atlas
Quarterly Financial Statements
Poverty Data Atlas
Partner Ecosystem Overlap Data
ParcelPoint – Geospatial Property Boundaries with Site Address attributes
OpenStreetMap Switzerland
Metals and Minerals Data Atlas
Investment Data Atlas
Insurance Data Atlas
Health Data Atlas
Free Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Snapchat Ads dataset
Foreign Trade Data Atlas
Forecast Data Atlas
Finance Data Atlas
Fantasy Football Data for ThoughtSpot
Environment Data Atlas
Energy Data Atlas
Electricity Data Atlas
Education Data Atlas
Economy Data Atlas
Demographics Data Atlas
Crude Oil Data Atlas
Consumer Data
Construction Data Atlas
Commodities Data Atlas
Coal Data Atlas
CTAC Cyber Threat Intelligence
COVID-19 Data Atlas
Business Data
Banking Data Atlas
Automotive Data Atlas
Agriculture Data Atlas
ZIP Plus 4s -US (TRIAL)
ZIP Plus 4s - US
World Points of Interest – Premium – US
Voluntary Lien Status on US Properties
Retail Audiences
Property Characteristic Information on US Properties
Owner Transfer and Sales Data on US Properties
Mortgage Transaction Data on US Properties
Mobility Data - Custom
Mobility Data-Open
EDI Foreign Exchange Rates with 5 Years History
EDI Foreign Exchange Rates with 1yr History
Consumer Purchase Data
Compustat® Fundamentals
Address Fabric - USA
ShareThis Behavioral Data Feed-Open
ShareThis Behavioral Data Feed-Personalized
Energy Data
Taxation Data
National Accounts Data
Rates Data
Textual Data Analytics: Sentiment Scores and Behavioral Metrics
Actionable Weather Forecasts
Raw U.S. Oil & Gas Data
Adaptive Shield SaaS Security Posture Management Sample Data
OpenStreetMap France
Transport Data
Industry Sector Cross Reference Service (ISCRS)
Housing Data
Private Company Fundamentals
Macroeconomic Statistics Data
Macroeconomic Indicators Data
Environment Data
Climate Data
Government Data
US Oil & Gas Permits
Weather Source
ShareThis Encoded Data for Affinio
Census UK 2011
Actionable commercial real estate intelligence and analytics
Macroeconomic Indices Data
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Data
Fossil Fuels Data
Employment Data
Debt Data
Population and Demography Data
Regulations and Enforcements Data
Social Inequality Data
Trade and Flows Data
US Oil & Gas Permits Advanced
Gotransverse Recurring Billing Data
Company Intelligence
2020 U.S. Election Dataset
Private Equity
AmeriLINK Insights - Premium
OpenStreetMap Sweden
IP Address to Mobile Carrier
The Tapad Graph
Trucost Environmental Data
S&P Capital IQ Estimates
US Short-Term Home Rentals
Balance of Payments Data
US Oil & Gas Well Production
Prices and Purchasing Power Parities (PPPs) Data
Global Company & People Data for Enrichment
US Oil & Gas Premium Well Data Analytics
Trucost Physical Risk
COVID-19 Dataset
EnerPub℠: Oil & Gas Public Data
IP Address Privacy Detection
Small Business Economic Benchmark Data for Ohio
Actionable Weather Forecasts (Demo Product)
Salt Security Attacker Data
OpenStreetMap Germany
OAG: Global Flight Information
AmeriLINK Insights
UK Covid Cases
EDI Foreign Exchange Rates
Real Time TV Ad Measurement and Attribution
Search Engine Data
OpenStreetMap New Zealand
OpenStreetMap Netherlands
Administrative Boundaries United Kingdom (UK)
FiscalNote U.S. Legislation & Regulation
Small Business Economic Benchmark Data
S&P Capital IQ Fundamentals
Alpha Factor Library
SNL U.S. Insurance Statutory
SCRIPTS Asia Transcripts
Company Relationships
BuildFax Permit Data
OpenStreetMap Denmark
SNL Bank Regulatory
SNL Real Estate Property
Global Events
Business Entity Cross Reference Service (BECRS)
Machine Readable Transcripts
OpenStreetMap Australia
OpenStreetMap Israel
SNL Fundamentals
State Street MediaStats and Media Linkages
Business Relationships
Global Retailer Database with GeoCoordinates
OpenStreetMap United States (USA)
Truvalue Labs SASB Codified DataFeed
Prevedere Global Indicators
Zeta Marketing Platform: Customer Data Management
Company Metrics
Consumer Auto Data for Analysis and Outreach
US Consumer Stock Insights from Virtual Trading App
Zillow Research Housing Data
Cloud-Native SIEM
In-Store and Online Purchase Data
Marketing and Sponsorship Attribution Data
S&P Global ESG Scores
Global Instruments Cross Reference Services (GICRS)
Key Developments
Machine Readable Filings
SNL U.S. Bank Branch Data
Eagle Alpha Alternative Dataset Trials
Business Data Enrichment - powered by Demyst
Enriched Events Export
Yewno Emerging Technologies
White Ops Application Integrity
White Ops Advertising Integrity
White Ops Marketing Integrity
Cruise Data
Unemployment Data by Local Area
Amazon Bestsellers
Commodity Risk Analytics
Used Car Sales
China Consumer Data
OpenStreetMap United Kingdom (UK)
OpenStreetMap Norway
IP Address to ASN
X-Mode Raw Location Data
X-Mode Visitation Data
Global Risk Analytics
V12's New Mover Dataset
OpenStreetMap Finland
Customer Data Platform (CDP)
Global Economic Forecast Data
Barra Global Total Market Equity Trading Model (GEMTR)
COVID19 - US Economy Leading Indicators
Industry based Economic Leading Indicators
Census Ireland 2016
Intellectual Property Data
Driving Mobility Data
Raw Event Data Stream (REDS)
Calendars for Finance and Analytics
COVID-19 Reemergence Tracker - State / Category
US Stock Market Data for Data Science
Customer Data Platform
Quantarium: Property Assessor
FactSet RBICS with Tradenames
Seismic Reporting Data
NinjaCat: Unified Marketing Analytics Platform
Automated Cloud Security Using Lacework
Web & Mobile Behavioral Data
FactSet Fundamentals Industry Metrics
Video Ad Bidding Data
FactSet People
American Community Survey, 2016
Consumer Data Insights – Premium – 2020
Infogroup Businesses
FactSet Estimates Point-in-Time Consensus
FactSet ETF
COVID-19 Reemergence Tracker - County / Brand
AbiliTec: Resolve Fragmented PII From Any Source
Top 5000 Most Followed Companies on Owler
Ailment Cluster Segmentation Zones
FactSet Private Equity
Consumer Travel Data
Kubit Raw Events
Zip Code level COVID-19
Premier Weather Data for Analytics
Orchestrate Vulnerability Remediation
Proprietary Intent Data Feed
Powerlytics Consumer: Financial Statements
Product Analytics
COVID-19 Epidemiological Data
FactSet Mergers
Covid19 Impact and Discourse
Equity & FX Price Data
L2 National U.S. Registered Voter File
The Most Robust Identity Graph
User and Partner Engagement Analytics
Global Weather & Climate Data for BI
US Census Data & Neighborhood Insights
SafeGraph Core Places - Starbucks
Foot Traffic Patterns - Starbucks
Recurly Platform Data - Classic
Web and App User Journey Analytics Data
FactSet Data Management Solutions
Crunchbase Enterprise: Company & Funding Data
FactSet Geographic Revenue Exposure
Braze Engagement Benchmarks
AI Powered Credit Insights & Analytics
Mobility Data
Technology Spending Intentions Survey (TSIS)
NA Demographic, Wealth and Household Spending Data
Consumer Data Insights – Platinum – 2020 – TRIAL
FactSet Ownership
FactSet Events
Mass market consumer transactions
Powerlytics Business: Financial Statements
Automated Kubernetes Forensics and Analysis
Autonomous Threat Hunting
Data-Flow Visibility and Access Control
FactSet Hierarchy with Revenue
FactSet Economic Events and Estimates
OCHA Humanitarian Aid Funding Data
IRS 990 Data
Kount Data on Demand
Climate and Environment Data
FactSet Hierarchy
California COVID-19 Datasets
IP Geolocation
Product Intelligence
FactSet Supply Chain Relationships
Augmented Data Science for Marketing
FactSet Shipping
Student Marketing Data
Businesses Operating in NYC
FactSet RBICS with Revenue
FactSet Global Sanctions
Agilone Customer Data Platform
AI Powered COVID-19 Insights & Analytics
2iQ Global Insider Transaction Data
Arabesque S-Ray® Score Layer
Barra Global Total Market Equity Model for Long-Term Investors (GEMLT)
The Intelligent Customer Data Platform
FactSet Estimates - Consensus
Consumer Data Insights – Premium - 2020 - TRIAL
Crunchbase Basic Company Data
COVID-19 Reemergence Tracker - County / Category
Jobvite Talent Acquisition Platform
Cloud Detection and Response
Consumer Data Insights – Platinum – 2020
BIDS: Bidding Intelligence Data Set
Woodseer Dividend Forecasting
All Your Marketing & Sales Data In Snowflake
FX Price Data
Covid-19 Canadian Outbreak
Stirista New Business Registrations
Edge Delta Global Data
Intellectual Property Data (Sample Dataset)
Worldwide Address Data
Cloud Infrastructure Spend and Product Adoption
ALTR Data Query and Anomaly Event Log
Financial Crimes Risk Assessment
FactSet Fundamentals
FactSet Debt Capital Structure
FactSet Corporate Governance
Mobile App Intelligence
Behavioral and Customer AI-Driven Insights
AI Powered Financial Filings Insights & Analytics
AI Powered ESG Insights & Analytics
The Truth in B2B Intent Data
Botnet & Sinkhole Indicators (IoC’s)
LinkUp Raw
Specialists’ Consumers On The Move Dataset
Presidential Election Polling
Specialists' Customer Connect Dataset
ISS ESG Governance QualityScore
Collect Your Users’ Online Activity in Web & Mobile
ISS Executive Compensation Data
Paycheck Protection Program Loan Data
Macroeconomic Data
Liquidity Cost Scores (LCS®)
Consumer Intelligence & Audience Targeting