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Analyzing PHI & PII with Snowflake’s Data Clean Rooms


  Introduction Sharing data can be tough. Organizations struggle to effectively manage their data internally. This problem only increases in magnitude for data sharing across multiple organizations. To make [...]

Analyzing PHI & PII with Snowflake’s Data Clean Rooms2020-07-22T19:25:32-07:00

Creating You First Database


To complete this tutorial, you’ll need to have a snowflake account and the URL to login to the web user interface. Start by navigating to your URL and login. Creating [...]

Creating You First Database2020-06-26T14:14:08-07:00

Semi Structured JSON Data


One of Snowflake’s unique features is its native support for semi-structured data. Snowflake supports semi-structured data in the form of JSON, Avro, ORC, Parquet, and XML. JSON is the most [...]

Semi Structured JSON Data2020-06-15T09:38:39-07:00

Snowflake Stored Procedures


Stored procedures can be thought of as a function. They enable users to create modular code and that include complex business logic by combining multiple SQL statements with procedural logic. [...]

Snowflake Stored Procedures2020-06-15T09:55:48-07:00

Getting Started with Snowflake


Overview Snowflake is a modern data platform. Unlike many others, Snowflake didn’t start as an on-premise data solution and then migrate to a web-based server. It was built in the [...]

Getting Started with Snowflake2020-06-15T09:44:11-07:00

SnowSQL CLI Client


Introduction SnowSQL is the command line client for Snowflake. It allows you to execute SQL queries and perform all DDL and DML operations. It’s an easy way to access [...]

SnowSQL CLI Client2020-06-15T09:52:39-07:00

Snowflake and Python


Introduction Python has become one of the goto languages for data analytics. I’m constantly using jupyter notebooks to quickly clean, analyze, and visualize data. That’s why I was ecstatic [...]

Snowflake and Python2020-06-15T09:48:34-07:00

Secure Data Sharing with Snowflake


Introduction Big Data. Internet of Things. Social Media. Everyday millions of data points are generated and moved across the internet, from the viral video you send to your friend on [...]

Secure Data Sharing with Snowflake2020-06-12T11:43:57-07:00
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