Frank Slootman is retiring from Snowflake

Over the last few minutes, Snowflake communicated during their earnings call/report on 2024-02-28 at 2pm Pacific that our friend Frank Slootman would be retiring from Snowflake and that Sridhar Ramaswamy would be taking over as CEO.  The stock market immediately reacted either to that or the expectations around the earnings call by the stock going down by 20%.  Sridhar came from Snowflake’s Neeva acquisition back in 2023.  We will be really interested in how he will lead the company going forward filling in for Big Frank Slootman’s shoes.

We at Snowflake Solutions were deeply rooted in the Snowflake Community back in 2019 when Frank took over from Bob Muglia.  Overall, I think most people within the Snowflake Community including Snowflake Employees, Partners, and Customers would credit Frank for excellent overall leadership from 2019 until now taking Snowflake to the most successful Software IPO ever in September 2020.  Frank along with many of his team he brought over from his previous CEO jobs like Mike Scarpelli, John Sapone, and many others immediately went to work in 2019 working towards the Snowflake growith and positioning for a successful IPO.

We will add more later on our take of the Sloot Snowflake Era but we wish Frank good health and good luck in his retirement.  He was always good to us and we respect his decision on retirement.