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  • Snowflake Data Marketplace Tools

    Do you want more automation with the Snowflake Data Marketplace? We have tools for you!

  • Snowflake Auto DDL Creator

    Are you tired of getting the syntax wrong when writing code for Snowflake? Let us help you get huge efficiency gains!

  • Snowflake External Up Time and Outages Reports

    We give full independent details of when Snowflake Outages have happened and how reliable the overall Data Cloud is.

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The Snowflake Data Marketplace - Up 41 shares in April - 473 total shares on AWS West - 371% growth on AWS West in 11 months

*This was an independent tracking of Data Shares from Snowflake on AWS West Region Marketplace. *(not affiliated with snowflake)*.



Data Marketplace Analysis for 2021
Analysis Conducted 71%