Dataops Role in the Automation of Automation

Dataops Role in the Automation of Automation

We provided in depth coverage of the concept of the Automation of Automation which we see accelerating Data Driven Business and Business Solutions to an entirely new level.  Besides Generative AI (GenAI) it really is the culmination of automations of software development over the last 20-30 years.  When I started this Data and Software game back in the nineties you had to develop pretty much everything.  Now I would say that 80-90% of software that we had to develop back then is now within libraries.  Most of which are open source.  

In addition to that coding has progressed and become incredibly easier by stable reliable software libraries and package managers, there has been the last 20 or so years of I hate to say it …. “Zapier” or “IFTTT” – If this then that solutions upon solutions.  There are hundreds of them now.  

I mean in the Snowflake ecosystem I have watched as far back as 2018 there were maybe 3-5 ELT type tools Stitch (Acquired by Talend), Fivetran (now Fivetran/HVR), and Matillion where really Stitch and Fivetran sort of pioneered the “Connect this to That … NO CODE solution”.  Now, there are at least 30 if not 50++ endless “Connect this to That” data solutions.  (actually I feel like there is 100+ but its a super fragmented market beyond Fivetran with Big Bucks Andresson Horowitz fueling the endless marketing on it.  We have even seen new upstarts like Omnata Data Superheroes come out with incredibly easy and low cost “Connect this to That Data Solutions”

Then to top off that, we had the Hightouches nad the Census AND many others come out with the “Data Activation” concepts which were actually I’m pretty sure built off of my original article around how to build a CDP on top of Snowflake.  When I wrote that it was really not thought to be possible and the tech wasn’t really there.  Now its totally possible and we see significant traction around “Don’t let your friends buy PURE CDPs” marketing and messaging.  (Which I typically agree with but hey – you have to evaluate what is the best business/technical solution for you.  What is even funnier though with this statement is that MANY of the CDP vendors I know have actually moved to having Snowflake as their backend.  

So with that fun start, let’s talk about Dataops Role in the Automation of Automation.  Quite a few years ago, Guy and Kent Graziano were telling me to check out this TrueDataOps stuff and I was like, wtf is this new term.  Like do we have to have 1 more new term.  I mean I still don’t think we need Data Mesh but that’s another story or “thought leadership argument”.

While I’m kind of slow to take on new concepts “sometimes” I now truly see how Dataops facilitates better Data Product Overall Solutions.  Without it, or without at this point for our solutions, you can only go so far with your Automation of Automation of Quality and repeatable solutions