What is Snoptimizer?

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Snoptimizer is the first automated Snowflake Cost Optimization service.  The Snoptimizer service regularly looks at your Snowflake Account(s) and finds any areas that can be optimized for costs.  The service can be set for automatic optimization settings or settings that must be approved.  Snoptimizer is your best friend for optimizing costs on your Snowflake Account.

Specific Snoptimizer Features:

  • Analyzes Snowflake Compute Warehouses for inefficient settings
  • Limits Compute Resources Risk Costs Immediately
  • Reviews Previous Queries and Consumption
  • Provides regular reporting on Snowflake Usage
  • Creates effective Resource Monitors per warehouse
  • Provides Optimization Recommendations
  • Incorporates every single documented Snowflake Cost Optimization Best Practice and more

How does Snoptimizer Help You?

It very quickly and automatically goes in and runs automated Snowflake cost optimization best practices immediately against our customer accounts.  It removes all the headaches and worries of cost exposure on all of your Snowflake Warehouses.  It removes you from falling into the Snowflake Cost Anti-patterns.

At a high-level it just makes your Snowflake Cost Administration easier and automated for you.  No hassles optimization in a few hours.  Get Snoptimized today.


Snowflake continues to grow and get more complicated to optimize for costs.  Snoptimizer makes this easy for you and your Snowflake Account.

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