Snowflake Cost Guardrails – Resource Monitors

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The Snowflake Data Cloud brings incredible scale and power to any analytical data processing.  It is an amazing revolution to now be able to launch their T-shirt warehouse sizes from XS (1 virtual instance) to 6XL of raw 512 EC2 instances if you are running on AWS on 1 cluster.  While this is awesome compute power, you must setup your Snowflake account with resource monitors in order to control costs.   Snowflake Resource Monitors are really your main guardrails on controlling costs with the Snowflake Data Cloud.

Let’s show you how easy it is to setup your Snowflake cost guardrails so your costs don’t go beyond what you expect.

I recommend either hiring a full or part-time Snowflake administrator focused on cost optimization and database organization or using our  Snowflake Cost Optimization Tool – Snoptimizer.  Snoptimizer automates setting up resource monitors on your Snowflake account for each warehouse and tons of other cost optimizations and controls on your Snowflake Account.   Let’s dig into the ONLY true Snowflake Cost Risk Guardrails you have had for awhile, Resource Monitors.

Resource Monitors – Your Snowflake Data Cloud Cost Guardrails

Resource Monitors are technically relatively easy to setup from the Snowflake Web GUI or command line.   Even though setting up one Resource Monitor is relatively easy, its still easy to make incorrect assumptions and not have enough effective monitoring and suspending in place.  It is like having your guardrails not installed yet if you do not do the following which is too easy to do:


Finding out that Snowflake consumption based pricing was so reasonable was game changing for me and my consulting company.  We could finally provide scale to any analytical challenge and solution we needed to create.  This was never possible before.  I remember building predictive marketing tools and we often had to crunch large data sets and we would often run into scaling challenges and have to spend tons of time and engineering effort to engineer for scale.



Snowflake Guardrails in the form of Resource Monitors correctly setup are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.  If you don’t. know if you have these in place, then what are you waiting for?  Activate your Snoptimizer now and be optimized in a few hours as well as continuous regular cost optimization monitoring. If a new warehouse appears, we have you covered!


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