To Snowsight or Not to Snowsight

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To Snowsight or Not To Snowsight:

Back in June 2021, I was writing a chapter for our new Snowflake Essentials Book on the Snowflake Web User Interface.  I had been delaying writing that chapter, assuming that Snowsight would be released as the main Snowflake Web User Interface as part of Snow Summit 2021.  That didn’t happen so I realized given the situation and the Snowflake Essentials book timelines I had to actually write two separate chapters in the book to cover both the Snowflake Classic Console UI and the Preview App (Snowsight).  

As I was writing Chapter 5 – Snowsight (Preview App) I kept asking myself the question, is Snowsight ready now to be used as the primary interface with the new changes?  The new Snowsight changes which came in June/July 2021 finally made it the better UI for the first time.  Prior to June 2021 it was missing just too many features and the navigation was incredibly inefficient. [it still has some problems today which hopefully will be fixed soon!]

The new functionality in Snowsight makes it much better to use now versus the Classic Console.   (Autosuggest/AutoComplete, Versioning, Sharing Worksheets and Dashboards)  These features really take Snowflake ease of use related to query and code collaboration to a much much higher level of efficiency and collaboration.  While I think many of us who worked with the Classic Console for years are so used to it that it is hard to switch but I think it’s time for old dogs to learn new UIs because while we loved the Classic Console, it does have its limitations, especially around sharing code and versioning.  That being said, Snowsight still has a few clunky problems as of October 2021 which you need to be aware of when switching over.  We are working directly with the Snowsight Product Management team to get these fixed so hopefully it will come sooner than later.

Let’s cover the amazing new features in Snowsight first and then cover the gotchas with BOTH the Classic Console and Snowsight.

Top New Features in Snowsight.  Let me list what I think are the best improvements:
[Also, if you don’t trust me – check out Veronica – she beat me to the punch on “some” of this]

Snowsight Awesome Improvement #1/4

My vote by far is that the combination of what I call AutoSuggest and AutoComplete is a huge improvement and probably has already saved thousands of hours of errors and misspellings of tons of functions, tables, views, procedures, schemas, etc. etc. etc.  This is huge and not in the Classic.

Snowsight Awesome Improvement #2/4

Collaboration.  It’s the future.  While my habits still love the Classic Console, it has NO collaboration capabilities.  Now with Snowsight, the functionality to share Worksheets especially is huge for me and allows me to easily collaborate on queries or helping others on their Snowflake work [***Assuming we are in the same account 🙂 ]. I’m hoping at some point that we will be able to share to other accounts as well.

Snowsight Awesome Improvement #3/4

Visualizations and “Collaboration – Part 2” with Dashboards.   To be honest when Snowflake first previewed Snowflake in 2020 and had the fancy dashboards I personally didn’t love it.  I mean, I already have tools like Sigma and Tableau that could do all of that for me so it just was confusing to me to see this BUT not have and  core features of administration.  The Preview App back then until roughly I think June 2021 wasn’t fully functional for anyone doing real Snowflake administration.

Snowsight Awesome Improvement #4/4 – It’s awesome – Join our Community!

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