Ecosystems: Powering the Next Generation of Innovation in the Cloud

For decades the technology industry has been powered by great products. The cloud introduced a new type of platform that trumped point products. The next generation of cloud platforms will unlock data-centric ecosystems where access to data is at the core of innovation, tapping the resources of many versus the capabilities of one.

Powering Proprietary Models and Platforms with S&P Global Data and Snowflake

Join us as David Coluccio, Managing Director, Data Management Solutions at S&P Global Market Intelligence, sits down with Noel Calhoun, Chief Technology Officer at Interos, to discuss how Interos is utilizing the power of S&P Global data via Snowflake to fuel their Business Relationship Intelligence Platform. During this presentation you’ll hear firsthand how Interos is streamlining their processes, feeding their machine learning models, building risk factors, and creating advanced visualizations to provide real-time risk awareness for manufacturing, federal agencies, financial services, insurance organizations and more. Additionally, you will learn how Interos is utilizing S&P Global’s Kensho Link, a machine learning-based solution build to reduce manual processes associated with data linking, to companies such as Interos to improve efficiencies and help solve the challenges associated with linking big data.

Modern Data Lake Design Patterns

Data Lake has been a critical strategy of modern architecture design. Over the years, the design of data lakes has evolved and led to innovative ways for organizations to adopt and benefit. In this panel discussion, we invited some of the industry’s most leading-edge companies to discuss with us why and how they have adopted different data lake designs in the cloud, and what Snowflake’s role is in their architecture. You will hear from the architecture leaders at Airlines Reporting Corporation and AthenaHealth about their different approaches and strategies.

New Features for Data Governance in Snowflake

To gain consumer trust and ensure regulatory compliance, getting data security and governance right is crucial to your data strategy. This session will describe how to manage your critical data assets with Snowflake. It will show you how to mask sensitive data, restrict access to rows based on roles access, and track sensitive information using tags for better policy enforcement.

Dataiku: Bringing Data Science to Life

Moving data science projects from design to deployment requires a variety of technical skills and tools. As more people in different roles participate, the potential for delay and miscommunication increases. Collaboration and communication between all project stakeholders is key.
This session, will showcase a model for collaborating on data science projects using Snowflake and Dataiku DSS. You will discover how democratization of data use outside of so-called “traditional” data-centric roles—such as analyst, data scientist, or engineer—can create seamless project collaboration from data access to modeling using machine learning techniques. This session will include:

*The state of data science
*How data science can help you
*The Dataiku and Snowflake value proposition

Data Evolution: A Progression to the Data Cloud

Join Michael Gold, a researcher from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), to take a closer look at data’s evolution to the cloud and learn about a global study they are conducting with technology decision makers across industries. The insights and visibility that data provides can prove a game-changer in the race to gain a competitive advantage and reap bottom-line value. Those insights can accelerate an entire industry’s development, elevating it to a level of sophistication that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago, and leading to increased customer satisfaction. At the same time, data can be a slippery asset, difficult to work with in many instances and subject to any number of caveats and restrictions. As new models of data utilization, integration, and exchange emerge, industries will be pushed to evolve their thinking from “data warehousing” to “data cloud” if they want data to contribute to the next stage of corporate competitiveness.

Data Sharing Made Simple

Tune in to this session to hear Felipe Hoffa, Data Cloud Advocate and Stephanie Stillman, Senior Product Manager chat about the basics of data sharing, what makes Snowflake’s Data Sharing architecture so unique, and walk through some of the most popular data sets in Snowflake Data Marketplace. Learn all about secure functions, data masking, and data replication to new clouds and regions. You will leave this session with a clear understanding of how data sharing works, what data sharing tools are available to you in Snowflake, and next steps to get started.

The State of Data and its Impact on Modern Business

Join us for a fireside chat with Aimee Irwin, Experian Marketing Services Vice President of Strategy, and Matt Glickman, Snowflake Vice President of Customer & Product Strategy, as they discuss the state of data and its impact on modern businesses.

Data Cloud Catalysts – Women in Tech

Join us for a powerhouse discussion with three female executives who have been driving transformations with data throughout their careers. Drawing from decades of experience, these leaders will share their personal journeys of delivering impact with data while accelerating their careers and organizations.

Snowflake Data Superheroes: Origins

This will be a sneak peek at our latest series, Data Superheroes: Origins. This video series showcases some of Snowflake’s most engaged Data Superheroes on a personal level, establishing a sense of connection between viewers and the Snowflake Community.

A Spreadsheet Experience at Snowflake Scale: Empower Business Teams to Find Their Own Answers

Join Sigma Computing CEO Mike Palmer to learn how BI teams can deliver the power, security, and governance of Snowflake to your entire company. Hear real-world examples from high-tech, high-growth companies like Yesware and Clover Networks and learn how to enable business teams to run complex analyses live on Snowflake, including marketing campaign attribution and general ledger reconciliation, to find answers on their own and make better decisions faster. Sigma Computing CTO and Co-Founder Rob Woollen will then demonstrate how Sigma matches the performance and scale of Snowflake to join multiple data sources, curate large data sets, and analyze billions of rows—without writing a single line of code.

Driving Business Impact through the Data Cloud

Join Nitin Mittal, Principal from Deloitte, for a discussion about the business value that you can unlock with the Data Cloud. Deloitte and Snowflake together help companies mobilize their data, and are seeing an acceleration in new innovative solutions being developed across industries. Join Nitin to hear how the Data Cloud is powering a new wave of artificial intelligence applications, and hear about your industry peers that are leading the way.

Mobilizing Data for Marketing – Transforming the Role of the CMO

The Data Cloud transforms the way companies do business, and allows them to mobilize their data to drive massive business impact. This is especially true in the marketing department. Over the last 10 years, the number of data silos that CMOs must wrangle has proliferated, but meanwhile they have been held to more and more analytic scrutiny — CMOs must be fluent in their customer data, and be able to prove their worth and ROI to the board room.

Leveraging the Data Cloud to Add New Revenue Streams

Using Snowflake as your data platform is great, but what if you could also leverage the power of Snowflake to generate new revenue streams? This panel discussion will highlight monetization strategies behind using Snowflake to help build solutions that enable your customers to access their data. If you want to unlock the hidden value of your data assets and learn how others have successfully built apps that monetize data assets, this session is for you.

How SafeGraph and Snowflake Enabled Volta Charging to Dramatically Increase Partner Visibility

Volta created the largest publicly accessible and free electric vehicle charging network through the digital, place-based media platform embedded in their stations. This allows its brand and real estate partners to reach high-value audiences in historically unavailable locations, while simultaneously driving a mission of sustainability forward. Join Eric Kung, Head of Research & Data Insights, to learn how Volta leveraged SafeGraph data via Snowflake to enhance its data strategy, power over 75 million free miles of electric driving, and draw 5X the number of visits to partner properties compared to other charging networks.

Snowflake on Snowflake

In the software industry, “Drinking your own champagne” is a common expression that means “use the products you develop.” But most companies don’t. They may know the technology, but they don’t really know how well its features perform. At Snowflake, teams across the organization use Snowflake’s platform, so Snowflake developers receive instant feedback. We learn in a matter of days, not months, what we can improve. Attend this session and listen to Snowflake’s CDIO, Sunny Bedi, discuss the benefits our customers gain by having Snowflake as a technology provider and as a fellow Snowflake customer.

Harnessing Data to Transform How Medicines Are Developed, Commercialized, and Reimbursed

The life sciences industry is under tremendous pressure from declining R&D productivity, mounting pricing pressures, and an increasing demand for evidence. Life science organizations are developing new capabilities to manage and analyze the growing amount of digital health data generated by the healthcare ecosystem to inform key decisions across the product life cycle. Join this session to learn about emerging trends in the use of digital health data and the evolution of advanced analytics and technology platforms.

Building a Scalable Data Lake Using Amazon S3 and Snowflake at Portland General Electric

Eliminating customer friction has been a goal for all teams at Portland General Electric (PGE). Learn how PGE worked to meet that goal by implementing a data lake solution with Amazon S3, AWS DMS, Matillion, Snowflake’s external tables, and Snowpipe. The solution became a center of excellence across all business units at PGE and delivered a scalable architecture with reusable code, less maintenance, and valuable data sharing.

Office Depot: Customer 360 and Segmentation

The enterprise data and intelligence team at Office Depot has built a world class analytics and data science practice on top of the Snowflake Data Cloud. At the core of their success are three guiding principles:
Data is for Everyone
*Provide Self Service Access to All Data Types for All Workloads
*Offer a Single Source of Truth with Governed KPIs
*See how Tim Nelson and Ranjith Chalasani, who each have over a decade at Office Depot, built a high performance analytics solution enabling customer segmentation, product propensity scoring, customer churn and lifetime value models, online product recommendations, and more.

Solving for Agility: Achieving Flexibility and Performance Through Your Data Cloud Migration

How can you make the most of Snowflake and the Data Cloud? How do you translate a business outcome into a migration implementation plan and pull it off flawlessly? Bret Greenstein, Global Head of Cognizant’s Artificial Intelligence and Analytics practice, and Anil Nagaraj, Head of Cognizant’s Data Guild, will draw on Cognizant’s considerable experience executing migrations to Snowflake from across a variety of platforms and industries. They will profile three business scenarios, detail best practices, and show how you can decrease risk, accelerate processes, and reliably deliver business results in your migration to Snowflake. This dynamic discussion will be geared for both business-oriented, CXO-level audiences and technically inclined IT professionals.