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Presentation Description:

Join us for a powerhouse discussion with three female executives who have been driving transformations with data throughout their careers. Drawing from decades of experience, these leaders will share their personal journeys of delivering impact with data while accelerating their careers and organizations.

Presentation Track: Headline
Presentation Date: November 29, 2020
Presentation Speaker(s): Lisa Davis, Lisa Scuzzo, Nishita Henry, and Teresa Briggs
Frank’s Comment: Women in tech. Love it.

Overview ITS:

In this session, we listen to three amazing women in tech share their journeys of delivering impact with data while accelerating their careers in organizations. Emphasizing that data is critical to everyone’s business outcomes, the panelists agree that every business is now a technology and data business. With the pandemic largely accelerating the digitization of our work, data portability and mobility has become the biggest challenge, song with data democratization, so that everyone can have access to data. With the democratization of data, they also emphasize the need for increased diversity to make better well-rounded, unbiased decisions. They all present ways in which organizations can decrease their gender gap and make the industry more attractive in general.
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