Solving for Agility: Achieving Flexibility and Performance Through Your Data Cloud Migration

Cognizant Solving For Agility

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Presentation Description:

How can you make the most of Snowflake and the Data Cloud? How do you translate a business outcome into a migration implementation plan and pull it off flawlessly? Bret Greenstein, Global Head of Cognizant’s Artificial Intelligence and Analytics practice, and Anil Nagaraj, Head of Cognizant’s Data Guild, will draw on Cognizant’s considerable experience executing migrations to Snowflake from across a variety of platforms and industries. They will profile three business scenarios, detail best practices, and show how you can decrease risk, accelerate processes, and reliably deliver business results in your migration to Snowflake. This dynamic discussion will be geared for both business-oriented, CXO-level audiences and technically inclined IT professionals.

Presentation Track: Migrating to Snowflake
Presentation Date: November 29, 2020
Presentation Speaker(s): Bret Greenstein and Anil Nagaraj
Frank’s Comment: Another consulting firm presentation. Oh wow. Like I said – I might have been doing this so you never know?

Overview ITS:

Sunny states that during the process, they want to measure everything so that they can assess performances and drive the right outcomes
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