Mobilizing Data for Marketing – Transforming the Role of the CMO

Data For Marketing

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Presentation Description:

The Data Cloud transforms the way companies do business, and allows them to mobilize their data to drive massive business impact. This is especially true in the marketing department. Over the last 10 years, the number of data silos that CMOs must wrangle has proliferated, but meanwhile they have been held to more and more analytic scrutiny — CMOs must be fluent in their customer data, and be able to prove their worth and ROI to the board room.

Presentation Track: Headline
Presentation Date: November 29, 2020
Presentation Speaker(s): Laura Langdon and Denise Persson
Frank’s Comment: Thoughtspot is an interesting product. This maybe worth some time. Then again the people presenting are pretty high level.

Overview ITS:

In this session, we hear how Scott Holden, Laura Langdon and Denise Persson have transformed their own customer base through data and navigated the evolution of the modern CMO role. With more access to data, the power of the cloud, sear, and AI that can do things in seconds, they emphasize that now is the best time to be a marketer. Thanks to the data cloud transforming the way companies do business, as well as the sudden digitization of their jobs, everything has become trackable, and therefore measurable, hence giving marketers more insights.
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