Driving Business Impact through the Data Cloud

Driving Business Impact Data Cloud

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Presentation Description:

Join Nitin Mittal, Principal from Deloitte, for a discussion about the business value that you can unlock with the Data Cloud. Deloitte and Snowflake together help companies mobilize their data, and are seeing an acceleration in new innovative solutions being developed across industries. Join Nitin to hear how the Data Cloud is powering a new wave of artificial intelligence applications, and hear about your industry peers that are leading the way.

Presentation Track: Unlock The Value of the Data Cloud
Presentation Date: November 29, 2020
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Overview ITS:

In this session, we learn about the business value you can unlock when using the data cloud. Nitin Mittal, Principal from Deloitte, talks about the company’s own success in mobilizing data and accelerating innovative solutions through the use of the Data Cloud, referencing Deloits challenges with cost and unused data, and how the cloud was able to cut those costs in half, and achieve greater value from their data.
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