New Features for Data Governance in Snowflake

Data Governance Session

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Presentation Description:

To gain consumer trust and ensure regulatory compliance, getting data security and governance right is crucial to your data strategy. This session will describe how to manage your critical data assets with Snowflake. It will show you how to mask sensitive data, restrict access to rows based on roles access, and track sensitive information using tags for better policy enforcement.

Presentation Track: Migrating to Snowflake
Presentation Date: November 29, 2020
Presentation Speaker(s): Clarke Patterson
Frank’s Comment: Data Governance interested people. Check it out.

Overview ITS:

In this session we learn how to manage critical data assets with snowflake. Highlighting the old challenges of data being everying, data management being complex, and security as well as governance being inherently rigid, our guest speakers explain how Snowflake allows you to overcome these problems by knowing, controlling, and unifying your data within the platform.
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