Modern Data Lake Design Patterns

Modern Data Lake Patterns

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Presentation Description:

Data Lake has been a critical strategy of modern architecture design. Over the years, the design of data lakes has evolved and led to innovative ways for organizations to adopt and benefit. In this panel discussion, we invited some of the industry’s most leading-edge companies to discuss with us why and how they have adopted different data lake designs in the cloud, and what Snowflake’s role is in their architecture. You will hear from the architecture leaders at Airlines Reporting Corporation and AthenaHealth about their different approaches and strategies.

Presentation Track: Modernize Your Data Lake, Deliver Data Engineering at Scale
Presentation Date: November 29, 2020
Presentation Speaker(s): Hua Ye, Dinesh Kulkarni, and David T. Meeks
Frank’s Comment: If you have questions on Data Lake this will be a good session for you. My preference is the SnowLake but I’ve only implemented a few of them and there are pros/cons.

Overview ITS:

In this session, we hear architecture leaders give sound advice about their different approaches and strategies for success. In the discussion, we learn about the guiding principles they used to design their data lakes, the multiple ways to get a data lake correct for your organization, how remodeling was an opportunity to help the business move forward, and that while scale is not a problem with cloud, it is important to acknowledge that you do have to do cross management.
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