Ecosystems: Powering the Next Generation of Innovation in the Cloud

Snowflake Ecosystems Session

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Presentation Description:

For decades the technology industry has been powered by great products. The cloud introduced a new type of platform that trumped point products. The next generation of cloud platforms will unlock data-centric ecosystems where access to data is at the core of innovation, tapping the resources of many versus the capabilities of one.

Presentation Track: Headline
Presentation Date: November 29, 2020
Presentation Speaker(s): Colleen Kapase and Casey McGee
Frank’s Comment: Another co-opetitor presentation.

Overview ITS:

In this discussion with Casey McGee and Colleen Kapase, from Microsoft and Snowflake respectively, we hear them discuss the next generation of cloud platforms that will unlock data-centric ecosystems that will power innovation. Touching on the role of the ISV ecosystem specifically in making customer outcomes successful, how they balance different solutions, product integration points, and their multi-platform strategies. They end the session with the advice of focusing on customer outcomes.
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