Snowflake Create Warehouse Defaults

Snowflake Classic Console - Create Warehouse Default Settings

I have been working with the Snowflake Data Cloud since it was just an Analytical RDBMS.  Since the beginning of 2018, the Snowflake technology has been pretty fun to work with as a data professional and data entrepreneur.  It allows data professionals amazing flexible data processing power in the cloud.  The key to a successful […]

A New Era of Cloud Analytics

A NEW ERA OF CLOUD ANALYTICS WITH SNOWFLAKE AS THE HADOOP ERA ENDS Hadoop was regarded as a revolutionary technology that would change data management and completely replace data warehousing. Such a statement is partly accurate but not entirely true since it has not been the case ever since cloud solutions came into the picture. […]

Snowflake vs Netezza

Snowflake vs Netezza Fifteen years ago, IBM introduced an appliance-based, on-prem analytics solution known as Netezza. It was purpose built, load ready, and met a lot of the needs of the day (back when on-prem was still largely the preferred choice for data warehousing solutions). One could say IBM really hit the ball out of […]

ETL vs ELT: Data Warehouses Evolved

ETL vs ELT: Data Warehouses Evolved For years now, the process of migrating data into a data warehouse, whether it be an ongoing, repeated analytics pipeline, a one-time move into a new platform, or both, has consisted of a series of three steps, namely:

Snowflake vs Redshift

Snowflake vs Redshift We have been building data systems for years and this is the most excited we’ve been in years with all new capabilities within the cloud with Redshift, Google Big Query, and Snowflake. Today we wanted to share with you some results based on our estimating a relatively small 2TB cloud data warehouse […]

Snowflake vs Teradata

Snowflake vs Teradata To anyone with even a passing level of familiarity of this space, Teradata is quite rightly known as a powerhouse in the data warehousing and analytics arena. it’s been the go-to technology for sectors ranging from various 3 letter intelligence agencies, to the most recognizable of medicine, science, auto, and telecom industry […]

Query Caching in Snowflake

Query Caching in Snowflake Have you ever experienced slow query response times while waiting for a report that’s being viewed by multiple users and/or teams within your organization simultaneously? This is a common issue in today’s data driven world; it’s called concurrency and it’s frustrating, usually delaying productivity just when the data being requested is […]

The Power of Instantaneous Data Sharing

The Power of Instantaneous Data Sharing – Updated How awesome would it be to be able to share data more quickly instead of exporting it to some format like Excel and then emailing it out? I’m always looking for new ways to make sharing data faster and more easy. When I think back the past […]