Query Caching in Snowflake

Have you ever experienced slow query response times while waiting for a report that’s being viewed by multiple users and/or teams within your organization simultaneously?

This is a common issue in today’s data driven world; it’s called concurrency and it’s frustrating, usually delaying productivity just when the data being requested is needed the most. Well, here’s an incredible time saver you may not have yet heard about:

Snowflake, the first cloud-based data warehouse built 100% for the cloud, already eliminates these delays right out of the box, not just by being the first data warehouse to separate processing power (compute) from data (storage), but also by caching every single query any user ever runs for 24 hours automatically. Just have a look at this brief video to see it in action – it cuts query response times down by as much as 10 to a 100 fold!

It even saves you money, since any cached data retrieved bypasses the compute warehouse(s) entirely!

Here is a short video that can help you out:


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