THE SNOWFLAKE SUMMIT RECAP – 2019 The first snowflake summit finally happened on June 3rd to 6th and lived up to the expectation of many people who were interested in the summit. The four days summit had more than two thousand attendees, one hundred and twenty presentations across seven tracks, seven keynote presentations, more than […]

A New Era of Cloud Analytics

A NEW ERA OF CLOUD ANALYTICS WITH SNOWFLAKE AS THE HADOOP ERA ENDS Hadoop was regarded as a revolutionary technology that would change data management and completely replace data warehousing. Such a statement is partly accurate but not entirely true since it has not been the case ever since cloud solutions came into the picture. […]

Not On The High Street: Improving customer experience with Snowflake

Not On The High Street: Improving customer experience with Snowflake Companies like are taking their customers’ experience to the next level, with an online marketplace delivering unique products and services in a singularly convenient way. Without speedy data delivery though, as attested to by their Director of Data in this video, this marketplace just […]

Snowflake vs Netezza

Snowflake vs Netezza Fifteen years ago, IBM introduced an appliance-based, on-prem analytics solution known as Netezza. It was purpose built, load ready, and met a lot of the needs of the day (back when on-prem was still largely the preferred choice for data warehousing solutions). One could say IBM really hit the ball out of […]

Strava: Data Sharing with Snowflake

Strava: Data Sharing with Snowflake Data companies like Strava are really vertical pioneers, as they’ve created a veritable social network for athletes to upload, track, and compete with other athletes worldwide. As attested to by their data engineer in this video, without data, Strava wouldn’t exist, and the more people find they have access to […]

Snowflake Vertical: The Service Industry

How Snowflake has helped customers in the Service Industry This, our second entry in for the series on approaching things from a vertical perspective, is an obviously gigantic industry to try and cover, so let’s just look at a couple very different use case histories, from two totally different service industry enterprises: