Data to Value – Part 3

Data to Value helps prioritize data related investments This is the 3rd article in my 3 part series around Data to Value.  The key takeaway from this series is that we always need to understand the value of our data.  We also need to measure the speed of how fast we can go from data […]

Data to Value – Part 2

Data to Value

Data to Value Trends.  PART 2.  TRENDS #2-4.  (NEXT WEEK WE WILL RELEASE THE FINAL 3 trends we are highlighting) Welcome to our Snowflake Solutions Community readers who have read Part 1 of this Data to Value 3 part series.  For those of you who have not read part 1 and want to fast forward…. […]

Data to Value

Data to Value

Data to Value – Part 1.  I spend a ton of time reviewing and evaluating all the ideas, concepts, and tools around data, data, and data.  The “data concept” space has been exploding with an increase of many different concepts and ideas.  There are so many new data “this” and data “that” tools as well […]

What is a Snowflake Data Superhero?

Snowflake Data Superheroes

What is a Snowflake Data Superhero?  Currently a Snowflake Data Superhero (abbreviated as DSH) is a Snowflake product expert who is actively involved in the Snowflake community and is helping others learn more about Snowflake through blogs, videos, podcasts, articles, books, etc. etc.  Finally, Snowflake states it chooses DSHs based on their positive influence on […]

Shortest Snowflake Summit 2022 Recap

Shortest Snowflake Summit 2022 Recap from a Snowflake Data Superhero If you missed the Snowflake SUMMIT or any part of Snowflake Summit Opening Keynote. Here are the most key feature announcements and recap[in “brief” but “useful” detail] KEY FEATURE ANNOUNCEMENTS — EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. [mostly in a chronological order of when they were announced. My top ~20. The […]

Automated Modern Data Stack

The Automated Modern Data Stack.  We believe it was our partner Fivetran that used a TON of “marketing dollars” to come up with this entire “data concept” of the “Modern Data Stack”.  [If anyone feels differently, then comment or directly reach out to me].  Once this term / concept was taking off in the data […]

Snowflake’s Financial Services Data Summit Recap

Snowflake Financial Services Data Summit

Snowflake hosted an excellent virtual event this week focused on Snowflake’s Data Cloud solutions for Financial Services.  What we really enjoyed about this Industry Vertical Snowflake “Summit” was the combination of business and technology content.  When we launched our ITS solutions business long ago, our mission was Business/Technology Focused Solutions.  We believed heavily in bringing […]

Snowflake’s Differentiating Features

What are the features of Snowflake that differentiate it from all its competitors?  I started this list in 2018 and it continues to evolve.  Sure, I am a Snowflake Data Superhero and longtime Snowflake Advocate.  I actually do try to be objective though.  Also, I have had a long long career of partnering with new […]