Strava: Data Sharing with Snowflake

Strava: Data Sharing with Snowflake

Data companies like Strava are really vertical pioneers, as they’ve created a veritable social network for athletes to upload, track, and compete with other athletes worldwide. As attested to by their data engineer in this video, without data, Strava wouldn’t exist, and the more people find they have access to it, the more they hunger for it. Yet as they grew, this imposed significant delays in the time it took for users to query their data, so beyond the data sharing features Snowflake uniquely provides, there were multiple benefits Strava encountered by using Snowflake.

As demand grows, concurrency becomes more and more of an issue, especially with all the legacy data warehouse solutions still available. Not so with Snowflake – by separating data from compute, they were able to eliminate the concurrency delays full stop, and focus on the core issues of management instead of the tedious ones. Have a look at this short, 3 minute video to learn how!

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