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With great power and ease of use comes great responsibility


What is Snoptimizer™? 


Snoptimizer™ is the first automated Cost, Performance, and Security Optimizer for Snowflake Accounts.  It is by far the easiest and fastest way to optimize your Snowflake Account.  This unique service can optimize your Snowflake Account within minutes.


Why Snoptimizer™?


The reason we built Snoptimizer™ is because we saw a tremendous need in the marketplace.   All too often we were brought in by existing Snowflake customers for Snowflake Health checks and 98% of the time the customers’ Account were not optimized. They were often losing out on time, space, and money! 


How to use Snoptimizer™? 


Snoptimizer runs regularly and scours your Snowflake Operations Account Meta Data (over 40 views) continuously looking for Snowflake storage and compute anti-patterns and inefficiencies related to cost, performance, and security.  It is the only continuous service watching out for you and your Snowflake Account to keep it in tip top shape! 

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Snoptimizer Core Features

  • Analyzes Snowflake compute warehouses for inefficient settings
  • Limits compute resources risk costs immediately
  • Reviews previous queries and consumption for performance and efficiency
  • Provides regular reporting on Snowflake usage
  • Creates effective resource monitors per warehouse
  • Provides optimization recommendations and automations depending on your setup



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