Is there schema versioning in Snowflake?

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Is there schema versioning in Snowflake?

Alejandro Penzini Answered question May 17, 2023

In Snowflake, there is no direct feature called "schema versioning" as a built-in capability. However, Snowflake provides several features and mechanisms that can be leveraged to achieve a similar effect or manage changes to the schema effectively. Here are some approaches you can consider:

Time Travel and Data Versioning: Snowflake's Time Travel feature allows you to access historical data at different points in time. By specifying a timestamp or a number of days in the past, you can query the data as it existed at that specific time. This feature can be useful when you want to track schema changes and access data based on different schema versions.

Cloning: Snowflake's cloning feature enables you to create instant, zero-copy clones of databases, schemas, or tables. Cloning can be used to create a snapshot of a specific schema version. You can clone a schema, make changes to the cloned version, and compare it with other versions or revert back if needed.

Schema Management: Snowflake provides tools and mechanisms for managing schema changes efficiently. You can use SQL Data Definition Language (DDL) statements to alter, add, or drop tables, columns, or other schema objects. Snowflake's metadata management capabilities allow you to track and manage these schema changes effectively.

Version Control Integration: Snowflake integrates with version control systems (VCS) such as Git. You can use Git to manage and track changes to your schema scripts and SQL code. By maintaining version-controlled scripts for schema modifications, you can have a history of schema changes, rollbacks, and better collaboration among team members.

Snowflake Streams: Snowflake Streams can be leveraged to capture and propagate changes in real-time. By monitoring changes to specific tables or schemas, you can capture and react to schema modifications in an automated manner, facilitating versioning or triggering downstream processes.

While Snowflake doesn't provide a dedicated schema versioning feature, the combination of these capabilities can help you effectively manage schema changes, track versions, and access data based on different schema versions. It's recommended to carefully plan and document schema modifications, leverage version control, and utilize Snowflake's features to achieve the desired schema versioning workflow.

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