Data Sharing

Snowflake Data Sharing is a dominant feature…

… of Snowflake for sharing data and using shared data. Fundamentally, traditional methods of data sharing address only one part of the challenge — moving data. Traditional data warehouses and data lakes were designed to make data usable; they lack an architecture capable of meeting the needs of data sharing.

With Snowflake Data Sharing, ready-to-use data is immediately available in real time. You can provide data access to data consumers, inside or outside your organization, without moving or copying the data. Query speeds are exponentially faster thanks to the unlimited storage and compute resources of Snowflake’s cloud-built architecture.

• Unlike file transfer approaches, such as FTP and email, Snowflake Data Sharing provides instant access to live data and eliminates data copying or movement.
• Unlike cloud storage and file sharing services, Snowflake Data Sharing enables fast querying of data in a secure, governed and controlled environment.
• Snowflake Data Sharing eliminates delays in viewing updated data, supports unlimited scale and allows unlimited concurrent access.