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What is Snowflake Partner Connect?

Micaela Mengen Answered question September 10, 2021

Snowflake Partner Connect is a tool that lets you create trial accounts with selected Snowflake business partners! These businesses include the following: Alteryx, ALTR, Data.world, Data guise, Dataiku, DataOps, Domo, Etleap, Fivetran, H20.ai, Hunters, HRV, Immuta, Informatica, Matillion, Qlik, Sigma, Rivery, Sisense, Snaplogic, SqlDBM, Striim, Talend, ThoughSpot, and Zepl.
The tool is so great since it allows you to try all these different 3rd party tools and services, which you can later adopt to meet your own business needs and wants. Partner Connect is limited to account administrators who have a verified email address, though, so you must use or have access to the ACCOUNTADMIN role to use it.

Micaela Mengen Edited answer September 10, 2021