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What is a Snowflake Private Data Exchange?

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What is a Snowflake Private Data Exchange?

Alejandro Penzini Answered question May 4, 2023

A Snowflake Private Data Exchange is a feature of the Snowflake Data Cloud platform that enables secure and governed sharing of data between organizations. It allows Snowflake customers to share data in a controlled and efficient manner while maintaining data privacy, security, and compliance.

A Private Data Exchange is a private network where Snowflake customers can share data with each other, either with a specific partner or with a group of partners. The data can be shared in real-time, and can include structured and semi-structured data. The Private Data Exchange enables data providers to securely and efficiently share data with data consumers, who can then use the data in their own Snowflake accounts.

The platform provides advanced data sharing capabilities, including policy-based access controls, usage tracking, and auditing, making it easy to share and manage data securely and efficiently.

The Private Data Exchange also provides governance and control features that allow data providers to manage data sharing permissions, data access, and data usage. Data providers can control who has access to their data, what data is shared, and how the data is used. This ensures that data is only shared with authorized parties and that data privacy and compliance requirements are met.

Overall, the Snowflake Private Data Exchange enables secure and efficient sharing of data between Snowflake customers, which can help organizations to collaborate and innovate more effectively while maintaining data privacy, security, and compliance.

Alejandro Penzini Changed status to publish July 4, 2023
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