What does a Resource Monitor actual do in Snowflake?

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What is a Resource Manager within Snowflake?

Gisele Casillas Answered question November 8, 2021

Within Snowflake, it would be a resource monitor. Using resource monitors, you can set limits on how many credits are consumed through user-managed virtual warehouses and virtual warehouses used by cloud services.

How many credits are consumed, would be based on the warehouse size and how long it runs.

The resource monitor would set limits for a particulate interval or date range. When these limits that are set are reached and/or approaching, the resource monitor would send alert notifications and/or suspend the warehouses.

Account admin. are the only ones who can create resource monitors, but account admin. can allow users with other roles to view and modify resource monitors through SQL.

Gisele Casillas Answered question November 8, 2021
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