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What are the data egress fees for snowflake?

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What are the data egress fees for snowflake?

Alejandro Penzini Answered question May 12, 2023

The data egress fees for Snowflake depend on the specific pricing plan and region that you are using.

In general, Snowflake charges for data egress (i.e. transferring data out of Snowflake) based on the volume of data that is transferred and the destination region. The pricing varies depending on whether the data is being transferred to another Snowflake account or to a non-Snowflake destination.

If you are transferring data to another Snowflake account within the same region, there are typically no egress fees. However, if you are transferring data to a non-Snowflake destination or to a Snowflake account in a different region, egress fees will apply.

To get specific information on the egress fees for your Snowflake account, you should consult the Snowflake pricing page or contact their customer support team for more information.

Alejandro Penzini Changed status to publish June 30, 2023

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