What are the compute costs for snowflake?

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What are the compute costs for snowflake?

Alejandro Penzini Answered question May 12, 2023

The compute costs for Snowflake depend on the specific pricing plan and compute resources that you are using.

In general, Snowflake charges for compute usage based on the amount of time that you use the compute resources and the size of the virtual warehouse that you use to run queries and other operations.

Snowflake offers a range of pricing plans, including on-demand pricing and pre-purchased credits. With on-demand pricing, you pay only for the compute resources that you use, and the cost is calculated based on the amount of time that the virtual warehouse is running and the size of the warehouse.

With pre-purchased credits, you can prepay for a certain amount of compute usage, which can be used over a specific time period. The cost per unit of compute usage is typically lower with pre-purchased credits compared to on-demand pricing.

To get specific information on the compute costs for your Snowflake account, you should consult the Snowflake pricing page or contact their customer support team for more information.

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