How to connect to SnowFlake with SSIS?

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How to connect to SnowFlake with SSIS?

Alejandro Penzini Answered question May 5, 2023

To connect to Snowflake with SSIS, you can use the **Snowflake ODBC driver** and the **SSIS ODBC Connection Manager**.

Here are the steps to connect to Snowflake with SSIS:

1. Download and install the Snowflake ODBC driver: You can download the driver from the Snowflake website.
2. Create an ODBC data source: In the ODBC Data Source Administrator, create a new ODBC data source for Snowflake. Specify the Snowflake account details, including the username, password, and account name. You can also specify additional options, such as the connection timeout and the default schema.
3. Create an SSIS project: In SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT), create a new Integration Services project.
4. Add an ODBC Connection Manager: In the SSIS project, add a new ODBC Connection Manager from the Toolbox. Specify the ODBC data source you created in Step 2.
5. Test the connection: Test the connection by using the ODBC Connection Manager to execute a query against Snowflake.

Once you have established a connection to Snowflake with SSIS, you can use familiar SSIS tools and components to extract, transform, and load data between Snowflake and other systems.

Overall, connecting to Snowflake with SSIS is a straightforward process that can be accomplished using standard SQL and ODBC tools.

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