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How to connect Salesforce to Salesforce Objects in Snowflake with the OData Connector?

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How to connect Salesforce to Salesforce Objects in Snowflake with the OData Connector?

Alejandro Penzini Answered question May 12, 2023

To connect Salesforce to Salesforce objects in Snowflake with the OData Connector, you need to follow these steps:

Install and configure the OData Connector: The OData Connector is a middleware tool that enables communication between Salesforce and Snowflake. You can download and install the connector from the Progress DataDirect website. Once installed, you need to configure the connector by providing your Snowflake account details.

Configure the Salesforce connection: Open the OData Connector configuration file and enter your Salesforce account details. You also need to specify the Salesforce objects that you want to connect to in Snowflake.

Configure the Snowflake connection: Next, you need to configure the Snowflake connection in the OData Connector configuration file. Enter your Snowflake account details, including the account name, username, password, and role.

Test the connection: Once you have configured the Salesforce and Snowflake connections in the OData Connector, you can test the connection by running a sample query. For example, you can retrieve the first 10 records from a Salesforce object by running the following query:


If the query returns a result, then you have successfully connected Salesforce to Snowflake using the OData Connector.

Note that the specific steps for connecting Salesforce to Snowflake with the OData Connector may vary depending on your environment and configuration. It is recommended that you consult the OData Connector documentation or seek assistance from their customer support team if you encounter any issues.

Alejandro Penzini Changed status to publish June 30, 2023
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