Can you query snowflake tables from excel?

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Can you query snowflake tables from excel?

Alejandro Penzini Answered question May 11, 2023

Yes, you can query Snowflake tables from Excel using the ODBC driver for Snowflake. Here's how:

Install the ODBC driver: You'll need to download and install the ODBC driver for Snowflake on your computer. You can download the driver from the Snowflake website.

Set up a DSN: After installing the ODBC driver, you'll need to set up a Data Source Name (DSN) for Snowflake in the ODBC Data Source Administrator. To do this, open the ODBC Data Source Administrator, click on the "System DSN" tab, and click "Add". Select the Snowflake ODBC driver, and enter your Snowflake account information.

Connect to Snowflake from Excel: After setting up the DSN, you can connect to Snowflake from Excel by creating a new connection. To do this, go to the "Data" tab in Excel, click "From Other Sources", and select "From Data Connection Wizard". Select "ODBC DSN" as the connection type, and select the DSN you created in step 2.

Query Snowflake tables: Once you've connected to Snowflake from Excel, you can query Snowflake tables using SQL. To do this, select "Microsoft Query" as the data source, and enter your SQL query in the query editor. You can then import the query results into Excel as a table.

Note that when querying Snowflake tables from Excel, you may need to be mindful of the volume of data you're working with, as large data sets can cause performance issues. Additionally, you'll need to ensure that you have the appropriate permissions to access the Snowflake tables you're querying.

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