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Presentation Description:

There are innumerable ways to measure the health of a business: sales growth, profit, cost of customer acquisition, even social sentiment. Yet, there’s no way to easily measure the health of data, the asset being used to evaluate all other performance metrics. Besides employees, data is the most critical asset for every single company. Data helps shape customer relationships, reduce risk and costs, and drive revenue. However, today, there is no way for executives to easily measure data health: how much they have, its ROI, and, critically, whether or not it can be trusted.
At Talend, our goal, in collaboration with ecosystem partners like Snowflake, is to create new ways to help businesses understand their data’s health, including simple tools to bring a new level of confidence to frontline decision-makers that the data they use to make critical business decisions can be trusted.

Presentation Track: Headline
Presentation Date: November 29, 2020
Presentation Speaker(s): Ann-Christel Graham
Frank’s Comment: If you are interested in Talend. Then give it a shot. All of these sessions I’m pretty sure are not on quality or solution or merit but paying to play. (or in this case…um, speak)

Overview ITS:

In this session, we learn how Talend, with partners like Snowflake, is creating new ways for businesses to understand their data’s health. With simple tools bringing a new level of confidence to frontline decision-makers that the data they use can be trusted, business leaders can be sure they are making smart business decisions. The speakers also touch on how the pandemic has affected customer priorities and timelines in regards to modernizing data operations, which unsurprisingly, accelerated the process.
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