How I Built This

How I Built This Snowflake Session

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Presentation Description:

This session will feature the journeys of two customers who built data apps on Snowflake. Join Adobe and Zeta Global to hear why and how they architected their applications powered by Snowflake.
*Calin Dragomir, data engineer at Adobe will describe how Snowflake enables Adobe Audience Manager with fast searches over massive amounts of data to enable marketers to create new segments for targeting or analysis.

*Philip Phan, Senior Director of Engineering at Zeta will describe how Zeta leveraged Snowflake to consolidate numerous data technologies to power their marketing platform with the world’s third largest data set, including 2.4 billion+ probabilistic profiles and reducing operational burden in the process.

Presentation Track: Build Data Apps and Data Products
Presentation Date: November 29, 2020
Presentation Speaker(s): Calin Dragomir
Frank’s Comment: This looks awesome. I hope the content is as good as it looks. I actually like these type of sessions if they get nto the right level of detail. I would guess this is more for an Advanced Snowflake practictioner.

Overview ITS:

Join this session to learn how two customers built data apps on Snowflake, and why Snowflake was the right solution for all their problems.
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