Building a Tightly Governed Data Cloud with Snowflake and Informatica

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Presentation Description:

Every organization has a goal to be data-driven. To succeed at digital transformation, companies have realized they need to modernize their existing data warehouses and data lakes—as well as build new ones on a modern cloud data platform like Snowflake. But it’s not enough just to load data onto your cloud data platform. You need to identify the data that will help you make the biggest gains early, bring that data into Snowflake, and then manage and govern it effectively. Join this session to learn how joint customers are using Informatica’s AI-driven cloud-native data integration and management solutions to help accelerate the migration of data at scale into Snowflake, and how they are designing strong governance and quality control into the Snowflake cloud data platform.

Presentation Track: Modernize Your Data Lake, Deliver Data Engineering at Scale
Presentation Date: November 29, 2020
Frank’s Comment: No opinion here except my initial take on anything that Informatica does will be incredibly expensive.

Overview ITS:

This session will cover the different “data mountains” organizations face and how Slalom’s Modern Culture of Data framework is necessary to climb these mountains. After highlighting the many challenges businesses face in designing strong governance and developing data culture, the speaker’s outline the journey to becoming a data-driven organization. They then talk about the foundation for modern unified data architecture, which includes metadata management, cloud-native integration, modern data platform built for the cloud, and end-to-end data quality and governance.
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