Ease of Performance: Best Practices Using the Latest Performance Features with Snowflake

Snowflake Performance Best Practices

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Presentation Description:

Snowflake offers a variety of automatic performance features that minimize the burden of manually tuning workloads. This session will review Snowflake’s latest features and describe when and how to use those features to improve the query performance, concurrency, and overall efficiency of workloads running in Snowflake. Additionally, this section will cover the improvements being developed to enable new workloads in Snowflake.

Presentation Track: Migrating to Snowflake
Presentation Date: November 29, 2020
Presentation Speaker(s): Bharath Sitaraman, Artin Avanes, and Andrew Meyendorff
Frank’s Comment: I love performance tweaking so this should be interesting. More for advanced and intermediate proficiency of Snowflake.

Overview ITS:

This session highlights Snowflake’s latest features, describing when and how to best use them to enhance performance. The features talked about are automatic clustering, materialized views, query acceleration service, and search optimization services.
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