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Presentation Description:

Joyce Avila, Data Superhero and GROUP BY speaker, will explain how getting SnowPro Certified can help you grow professionally. She will also share a few simple steps to help you ace the exam.

Presentation Track: Mobilizing Your Data with Our Data Superheroes
Presentation Date: November 29, 2020
Presentation Speaker(s): Joyce Avila
Frank’s Comment: No opinion here. Already got mine back in January. Its like any other assessment test to me. I’m somewhat disenfranchised with the entire bullshit of certification. As someone who worked at Novell back in 1991 before I went into my commission in the USAF

Overview ITS:

In this session, Joyce Avila walks us through the benefits of getting SnowPro certified, sharing resources for success, giving a brief overview of what the certification exam covers, and providing valuable study tips and suggestions.
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