Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platform is a global platform for all your data and all your essential workloads. Built from the ground up to exploit the capabilities of dynamic cloud infrastructure, Snowflake is available as an entirely managed data warehouse on AWS and Azure.


Why Incorta? Incorta helps leading enterprises unleash the full potential of complex data and gain insights previously thought impossible in record time. Incorta’s Direct Data [...]


As described by Aash Anand, Data Analytics at Lime, “Sigma is like working in a spreadsheet with the power of Snowflake—giving our business experts [...]


Fivetran’s data pipe allows you to replicate your business data into your Snowflake  datawarehouse. With over 100 connectors Fivetran ensures the data always up to date and [...]


We believe using Talend with Snowflake is getting the best of both worlds. Combining the best ETL extractor with the best cloud warehouse makes sense. Talend Cloud [...]


Databricks Databricks' Unified Analytics Platform is an end-to-end analytics platform that unifies big data and AI. Snowflake's cloud-built data warehouse delivers the instant elasticity, secure data sharing, and [...]

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