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Sigma Computing and ITS Partnership

Sigma Computing

As described by Aash Anand, Data Analytics at Lime, “Sigma is like working in a spreadsheet with the power of Snowflake—giving our business experts access to the compute power of the cloud but with the freedom they’d get from a spreadsheet. Sigma opens up the true value of our data.”

Bring Snowflake Data to Life with Sigma – Cloud Performance You Can Trust

Sigma + Snowflake is the only BI solution built  and optimized for the  cloud. Data always stays in Snowflake where it’s fresh, secure, and governed. Reduce risk and make better decisions against complete live data.

What does Sigma provide to our Automated Modern Data Stack?

Sigma’s intuitive UI provides 99% of SQL functionality with zero coding. Perform analyses across massive data sets including semi-structured data like JSON  and build queries faster—and more reliably—than any human. It truly provides analytics without limits, and so much more:

  • Offers code free and code friendly data manipulation & visualization.
  • Ease of use with familiar interface that is designed to look like a spreadsheet.
  • Drag & drop functionalities that improve user interactions and does not require any additional technical know-how or skill.
  • The only BI tool that was built for the Snowflake Cloud Platform and therefore has speedy connections that reduce latency as users run queries.

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