We believe using Talend with Snowflake is getting the best of both worlds.
Combining the best ETL extractor with the best cloud warehouse makes sense.

  • Talend Cloud can help you quickly load all your data from any source to Snowflake. You can customize, enrich, govern, and transform your data as needed.
  • With the industry’s most comprehensive set of connectors, Talend can help you load every type of data into Snowflake from almost any data source.
  • Talend Cloud lets you prepare your data before loading; then, Talend’s bulk loading components can process data 20X times faster than other solutions.
  • Talend’s built-in data quality, metadata management, and data stewardship capabilities provide data governance solutions that can scale to handle almost any data volume and thousands of concurrent load, query, and user.
  • Snowflake’s unique architecture and Talend Cloud’s predictive pricing make it the most affordable joint data lake solution.