66 Sessions (Presentations, Webinars or whatever you want to call them.)
*19 Sessions with no chat enabled - Typically Headlines or Customers
*47 Sessions which were interactive and had chats enabled.
Registrants? Asking Snowflake if they will provide.
Attendees? Asking Snowflake if they will provide.

Top Sessions by number of comments:
*1-Continuous Data Pipelines: Foundations and Effective Implementation at Convoy 263
*2-Building Extensible Data Pipelines with Snowflake 225
*3-New Features for Data Governance in Snowflake 212
*4-Modern Data Lake Design Patterns 196
*5-Ease of Performance: Best Practices Using the Latest Performance Features with Snowflake 174
*6-Office Depot: Customer 360 and Segmentation 167
*7-Building a Scalable Data Lake Using Amazon S3 and Snowflake at Portland General Electric 140
*8-Every App Is a Data App! 123
*9-Streamlining Data Science with Snowflake 111
*10-Data Sharing Made Simple 103
*11-Logitech - Powering Advanced and Predictive Analytics with the Data Cloud 101

*Remember these are unofficial stats based on some automation and manual work. I would say this directionally shows interest in the topics.

***Snowflake Solutions is a community site to educate and connect Snowflake users. It is not part of Snowflake Inc***

Top 10 commenters over entire NA summit:  (I don’t remove snowflake SEs)

  1. Timothy Nelson 74
  2. Chris Bowles 54
  3. Bishal Gupta 45
  4. Jonathan Sander 43
  5. Avinash Deshpande 43
  6. Priya Krishnamoorthy 35
  7. Dinesh Kulkarni 33
  8. James Beecham 32
  9. Mike Lindsey 31
  10. Amy Kaulius 30