Why is Quadro RTX6000 Passthrough on ESXi 7.03 not working in a VM?

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Why is Quadro RTX6000 Passthrough on ESXi 7.03 not working in a VM?

Daniel Steinhold Asked question April 5, 2024

Quadro RTX6000 Passthrough on ESXi 7.03 may not be working in a virtual machine (VM) for a variety of reasons. One potential explanation is that the ESXi host may not have sufficient resources allocated to it. This can include CPU, memory, or disk space, among other things.

Another possible culprit is that the host's BIOS settings may not be configured correctly. Passthrough technology requires certain settings to be enabled in order to function properly, such as Intel VT-d or AMD-Vi. If these options are not enabled in the BIOS, the passthrough may be unsuccessful.

Additionally, there may be compatibility issues with the hardware or software being used. For example, the Quadro RTX6000 may not be compatible with certain versions of ESXi, or may require specific drivers that are not installed on the host.

Lastly, it is possible that there are configuration issues within the VM itself. This can include incorrect virtual hardware settings or outdated virtual machine tools. It is important to ensure that the VM is configured correctly and that all necessary updates have been installed.

In order to troubleshoot the issue, it may be helpful to consult the documentation for both the ESXi host and the Quadro RTX6000, as well as any relevant forums or support pages. It may also be beneficial to contact the manufacturer for additional assistance. By identifying and addressing the underlying cause of the passthrough failure, it is possible to successfully enable Quadro RTX6000 Passthrough on ESXi 7.03 in a VM.

Daniel Steinhold Changed status to publish April 5, 2024

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