What steps should be followed to troubleshoot a “Connection lost” error between?

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What steps should be followed to troubleshoot a "Connection lost" error between a client application and Snowflake?

Daniel Steinhold Answered question August 16, 2023

Troubleshooting a "Connection lost" error between a client application and Snowflake involves identifying and addressing potential issues with network connectivity, client configuration, and Snowflake settings. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

1. **Check Error Details**:
- Examine the error message or log that indicates the "Connection lost" error. It might provide additional context or error codes that can help diagnose the problem.
2. **Network Connectivity**:
- Verify that your network connection is stable and reliable. Test other network-dependent applications or services to ensure the issue is not related to your local network.
3. **Firewall and Network Restrictions**:
- Check if there are any firewall rules or network restrictions that might be blocking the connection between your client application and Snowflake servers. Ensure that the necessary ports are open.
4. **Proxy Configuration**:
- If you're using a proxy server, ensure that the proxy settings are correctly configured in both your client application and Snowflake connection settings.
5. **Client Configuration**:
- Review your client application's connection settings, including the connection string, username, password, and authentication method. Verify that they are accurate and up to date.
6. **Connection Pooling**:
- If you're using connection pooling, ensure that connections are being properly managed and not reaching their maximum limits, which can lead to connection issues.
7. **Session and Token Expiry**:
- Check for session or token expiry issues. Snowflake uses temporary tokens for authentication, which have a limited validity period. If your application is reusing an expired token, it could result in connection issues.
8. **Client Libraries and Drivers**:
- Ensure that you're using the latest version of Snowflake client libraries or drivers that are compatible with your Snowflake account.
9. **Snowflake Status and Maintenance**:
- Visit the Snowflake status page to check if there are any ongoing maintenance activities or service disruptions that might be affecting your connection.
10. **Retry and Reconnect**:
- Sometimes, the "Connection lost" error might be temporary. Retry reconnecting to Snowflake and see if the issue persists.
11. **Connection Timeout Settings**:
- Review the connection timeout settings in your client application and ensure they are appropriate for your network conditions. Adjust them if needed.
12. **Operating System and Network Logs**:
- Check operating system and network logs for any relevant information or error messages that could shed light on the connection loss.
13. **Contact Snowflake Support**:
- If you've exhausted all troubleshooting steps and are unable to resolve the issue, contact Snowflake support for assistance.

By following these steps and systematically diagnosing the "Connection lost" error, you can pinpoint the underlying cause and take the necessary actions to restore stable connectivity between your client application and Snowflake.

Daniel Steinhold Answered question August 16, 2023
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