What is the Snowflake Solutions Center?


What is the Snowflake Solutions Center?

Frank Bell Answered question March 13, 2024

I wrote an in depth article to cover this in more detail here: https://snowflakesolutions.net/snowflake-solutions-center-by-dataops-live/
but the simple answer is that the Snowflake Solutions Center also known as the SSC within Snowflake for Sales Engineers and Field CTOs, is a catalog of demos and proof of concept solutions which is powered by our partner Dataops.live.

The Snowflake Solutions Center allows Snowflake itself and its Field CTOs, Solution Architects, and Sales Engineers to be MUCH MUCH More agile in their Customer and Prospect solutions deployment.

Our view is this is game changer for truly AUTOMATING Data Solutions Concepts. Key aspects of the Snowflake Solution Center are:
* Capability for Snowflake Sales Engineers and Solution Architects to Search and Find Industry and Vertical Solutions.
* Deploy Solutions easily within seconds or minutes.
* Allow GOVERNANCE of the solutions to make sure they are validated with CORRECT Code and Data.
* Detailed Analytics of usage and deployment of solutions.
* Full integration of environments - Streamlit, Docker, React, etc.
* Guaranteed quality and deployment of the solution.
* Fully Dataops ease of deployment, environment is baked into the dataops - No dependency hell.

Frank Bell Answered question March 13, 2024
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