What is Snowflake Cortex?

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What is Snowflake Cortex?

Daniel Steinhold Changed status to publish April 3, 2024

Snowflake Cortex is an intelligent, fully-managed service offered by Snowflake. It empowers users to analyze data and build AI applications entirely within the secure environment of Snowflake [1]. Here's a breakdown of its key functionalities:

  • Large Language Models (LLMs): Cortex provides access to industry-leading LLMs through its LLM Functions. These functions allow you to leverage the power of LLMs for tasks like understanding text, generating different creative text formats, translating languages, and summarizing information. Imagine having advanced AI models built right into your data platform!

  • Machine Learning (ML) Functions: Cortex offers built-in ML functions that use SQL syntax. This makes it easier for data analysts, even those without extensive machine learning expertise, to perform tasks like anomaly detection and classification directly on their data in Snowflake.

  • Security and Scalability: Because Cortex functions within the Snowflake environment, it benefits from Snowflake's robust security features and scalability. This ensures your data remains secure while allowing you to handle large datasets efficiently.

Overall, Snowflake Cortex aims to bring the power of AI and machine learning to data analysis within the familiar Snowflake platform. It allows data analysts and business users to leverage cutting-edge AI models and functionalities without needing to become machine learning experts themselves.

Daniel Steinhold Changed status to publish April 1, 2024
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