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What is a Snowflake Native App?

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What is a Snowflake Native App?

Alejandro Penzini Answered question July 7, 2023

Snowflake Native Apps are a new way to build data intensive applications. Snowflake Native Apps benefit from running inside Snowflake and can be installed from the Snowflake Marketplace similar to installing an app on a smart phone. Snowflake Native Apps can read and write data to a user's database (when given permission to do so). Snowflake Native Apps can even bring in new data to their users, providing new insights.

Snowflake Native Applications provide developers a way to package applications for consumption by other Snowflake users. The Snowflake Marketplace is a central place for Snowflake users to discover and install Snowflake Native Applications.

If you go to Snowflake's official tutorial on Getting Started with Native Apps you will find a detailed explanation of how to build, distribute, deploy, monetize, and operate apps natively in the data cloud. In the next days and weeks, we will be sharing more exciting and important information around Snowflake Native Apps. Stay tuned!

We will be building a Snowflake Native Application used for inventory and supply chain management. In this scenario, we have various suppliers of raw material and our native app will use order data, shipping data, and site recovery data to intelligently determine the following:

Lead Time Status: bar chart to demonstrate real-time overview of the lead time status of the raw material procurement process.

Raw Material Inventory: bar/table view of inventory levels of the raw materials.

Purchase Order Status: pie chart display the status of all the purchase orders (shipped, in transit; completed).

Supplier Performance: bar chart group by supplier measuring the lead time, quality, and cost of raw materials delivered by each supplier.

Snowflake Trial Account
Beginner Python knowledge

What You'll Learn:
Native apps concepts
Native Apps deployment
Native Apps sharing and Marketplace Listing

What You'll Need:
A GitHub Account
VSCode Installed

What You'll Build:
A Snowflake Native Application.

Alejandro Penzini Edited answer July 7, 2023
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